Paradise Islands - Supporting Te Mana O Te Moana & Coral Gardeners

More often than not a trip of ours requires we cross an ocean to get to our destination. And flying over these massive bodies of water, so many memories of fun in the sun are conjured up. But it wasn’t until this most recent trip with new Baby Nomad in tow - visiting Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and Huahine - that we further understood the importance of our oceans and how much they need our help... VIEW POST

Whistler Snow Lodge - Supporting Whistler Community Foundation

What gives a place its vibe? The people, the architecture, the natural beauty? Why do you feel what you feel when you step out of a cab in New York, a water taxi in Venice or a gondola in Whistler? Read on to learn more about what invisible threads we found in Whistler, BC! VIEW POST

America's Parks - Supporting National Parks

It is so important for us to keep the National Parks for people to enjoy now and for generations to come. Read on to learn more about what we are doing to support the National Park Foundation and to protect our planet's precious resources! VIEW POST

Local Voices - Jóna & Júlía from Iceland

As we continue our series of Local Voices, we are excited to talk with two people from the beautiful Nordic island nation that is our latest destination. Here is a look at how Jóna Kristín Erlendsdóttir and Júlía Kristey H. Jónsdóttir view their home country, Iceland! VIEW POST