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Local Voices - Katerinne from Cartagena

Local Voices - Katerinne from Cartagena

Local Voices - insiders' look at the destinations we love

We are so excited to start a series of posts in our Journal called Local Voices! We will talk with people who live in the destinations we love to get their insider look at their home. Our first feature is with Katerinne Delgado Camargo, a children’s doctor who was born, raised and currently lives in Cartagena, Colombia!

Katerinne from Cartagena

What makes Cartagena magical to you?

Katerinne: Cartagena’s nickname is La Heroica (The Heroic), because of its history as a battleground between pirates who came and tried to take over the land, and the locals, who at the time were mostly of African descent and who always ended up victorious. They brought over the richness of their culture and through hard work and passion, transformed the city into what it is today. So to me Cartagena is magical because of its people. Not only is the weather warm and tropical, but the Cartageneros are very warm and welcoming, too!

As a local, what is the one thing you would recommend a visitor do in Cartagena?

You definitely have to go to El Centro, widely know as the walled city, and find a mesa de fritos (fried food stand) to try the famous arepa e' huevo! You must also try the local coctel de camarones. Trust me, you won't regret it! If you want to have fun and experience a night out as most of the locals do, you should go to a bar or club that plays champeta, which is Cartagena's very own music genre.

Where do you like to spend your time in Cartagena?

I love the beach, and Cartagena is completely surrounded by beautiful beaches! The contrast between the blue sky and waters, and the vibrant and cheerful houses make for a stunning view. It's really hard not to fall in love with Cartagena.

When you travel, what is your favorite destination?

When I leave Cartagena, I like to experience the opposite of the tropical beaches, and usually aim for the mountains. There's a little town called Minca, in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, a city about 3 hours away from Cartagena by car. It has beautiful waterfalls and the locals are also very welcoming!