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Article: Paradise Islands - Supporting Te Mana O Te Moana & Coral Gardeners

Paradise Islands Eyeshadow Palette - Supporting Te Mana O Te Moana Sea Turtle Care Center & Coral Gardeners Adopt-A-Coral

Paradise Islands - Supporting Te Mana O Te Moana & Coral Gardeners


Sea Turtles

More often than not a trip of ours requires we cross an ocean to get to our destination. And flying over these massive bodies of water, so many memories of fun in the sun are conjured up. But it wasn’t until this most recent trip with new Baby Nomad in tow - visiting Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and Huahine - that we further understood the importance of our oceans and how much they need our help.

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”
- Sylvie Earle, Oceanographer & Explorer

Referred to as the Blue Planet, over 70% of earth is covered by the sea and keeping these mighty waters alive and vibrant is critical for us all no matter where we live. As the people at Coral Gardeners - one of the causes we are supporting with the new Paradise Islands palette - sum it up: “No Reef, No Ocean, No Air.

In our journey of supporting causes that celebrate and protect the beauty of this planet, finding ways to support the oceans is always top of the list. And we are so proud that with the launch of the new Paradise Islands palette, we are not only supporting two organizations that each uniquely help the Pacific Ocean, but we also made this entire palette and the launch 100% plastic-free from our house to your house!

Te Mana O Te Moana - Sea Turtle Care Center


SUPPORTING SEA TURTLES! Other than being so gosh darn cute, we learned that sea turtles are keystone species in the ecosystem and without them the natural order would be disrupted. So in looking on how to support these important animals, we found the amazing people at Te Mana O Te Moana and their Sea Turtle Care Center on the beautiful island of Moorea. Their center has taken in and cared for over 580 sea turtles with over half returning to the ocean. Such an amazing milestone to help these creatures continue to thrive!

Coral Gardeners - Coral Nursery


NEW BABY NOMADS! Another cause we are beyond excited about is Coral Gardeners and the team there who will grow and ultimately replant a nursery of 300 baby corals. Named Tiki To’a, the baby corals in the nursery we've adopted are grown from super corals that have survived warmer ocean temperatures. And once our kiddo corals are grown themselves, they will move deeper out into the ocean alongside corals that are either sick or have died due to the ocean water getting warmer. And since corals are like the local neighborhoods of the oceans - allowing so much sea life to eat, sleep and raise a family in their nooks keeping generations of oceans alive - these new resistant corals can thrive for years to come. As Coral Gardners say let's save the ocean one reef at a time!


After seeing the plastic removed from a dead sea turtles belly and hearing that if things don’t change we will have more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, we decided we needed to be a part of the solution. So we made the launch of our new Paradise Island palette 100% plastic-free. That means there will be no plastic used anywhere - from the factory to the warehouse freight to the product itself and the packaging we use to ship the orders.


We are on a journey to give back to the Mother Earth we love so much through donations, clean formulas, and eco-friendly products and supply chain. With the new Paradise Islands palette launch and future launches we are committed to doing what we can to make this plant a healthier place. We so appreciate all the support you show us on this journey!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
- Ryunosuke Satoro

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