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Article: Haunted Europe - Supporting Bat Conservation International

Haunted Europe - Supporting Bat Conservation International

Haunted Europe - Supporting Bat Conservation International


As we thought about the Mother Earth cause we wanted to support with the launch of our Haunted Europe palette, it felt only fitting to focus on Count Dracula’s favorite animal - Bats 🦇 And in doing so, we learned how very important these magnificent mammals are to a healthy planet.

To put it simply, bats are the unsung heroes of keeping our ecosystems in balance and the world green - and they do most of it through eating and pooping!
Here are some key things bats do for us and our planet:
  🦟  They love to snack on mosquitoes up to 1200 per hour! which in turn keeps mosquito populations in check.
  💩  They are super pollinators just like bees, except they do it via fruit seeds they eat and then poop out (yep you read that right!)
  ♻️  And speaking of excrement, bats produce a special kind called Guano, which we use to fertilize and compost naturally.
Eating, pooping & keeping Mother Earth Green!

But another reason we love these furry flying friends is they give some helpful life advice that we could all use.
Here is Advice from a Bat:
  -  Trust your senses
  -  Spend time hanging around with friends
  -  View the world from different angles
  -  Enjoy the nightlife
  -  And last but not least - Guano happens!

Bat Conservation International


In order to support these silent super heroes, we wanted to partner with an organization that focused solely on bats as the main mission and we found that in Bat Conservation International. We are so proud to support this fiercely passionate group which started in 1982 and is still a leader in ensuring the worldwide survival of bats and their ecosystems. Together we can help Bat Conservation International stop bat extinctions, protect & restore landscapes, and inspire everyday people like us to understand and support these important animals.

With the launch of the Haunted Europe palette, we are donating 5% of the retail sales to help fund this critical work. And donations to Bat Conservation International will continue for as long as the palette is sold.

Haunted Europe Intense Eyeshadow Palette


We are also striving to do what we can to protect the planet’s precious resources and keep it this beautiful place we love! Like our other palettes, the formulas in the Haunted Europe palette are clean with no talc, mineral oil, gluten, phthalates, or parabens and of course are cruelty-free & vegan. In addition, we continue to work on having more eco-friendly elements and recycled materials used in our packaging & supply chain.

We hope our Haunted Europe palette inspires you to create fun spooky looks, some of which include our furry friends the Bats! And thank you for helping us support these special animals!

“Cuteness shouldn’t be the measure for conservation.”
- Bat Conservation International

Photo Credits:
Mexican Free-tailed Bats at Bracken Cave - Credit: Jonathan Alonzo
Florida Bonneted Bat - Credit: Dustin Smith

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