Iceland - Fiery, Icy & Quirky

Dramatic, awe-inspiring & stunning natural beauty are just words until you step outside of the quintessential minimalistic Keflavík airport and start your journey through Iceland. Read on for more on what we discovered while roaming this quirky destination! VIEW POST

Local Voices - Katerinne from Cartagena

We are so excited to start a series of posts in our Journal called Local Voices! We will talk with people who live in the destinations we love to get their insider look at their home. First up is Katerinne Delgado Camargo from Cartagena, Colombia! VIEW POST

Cartagena, Colombia - A Beguiling City

Sounds of soul-stirring salsa, horses' hooves on cobblestone and lovers' whispers all echo eerily together as the sun sets on the narrow streets. Read on for more about what makes Cartagena such a beguiling destination! VIEW POST

Top 5 Spots for Perfect Weekend in Marrakesh

Known as the "Red City" thanks to the red sandstone walls and buildings within, Marrakesh is a treasure trove of history, exotic sights and rich culture. Though the city has risen and fallen many times throughout Morocco's history, today it stands as an economic and cultural hub. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy its mosques, souks and squares in one beautiful weekend. VIEW POST

The Amazing Sights & Sounds Of Havana

Think of Havana, Cuba, and you might be transported into a mesmerizing dream perfectly frozen in time. Tropical colors and rhythmic Latin beats mix with the sea breeze and smell of delicious Cuban cigars, all of which creates the paradoxical world of old and new that is La Habana. With longing for beauty and passion for experiences, come with us as we explore this city where shades of the past coincide with the world of today...