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Summer Nights in Stockholm

Summer Nights in Stockholm

Midnight Sun and White Nights in Stockholm

Almost an oxymoron, Midnight Sun, phenomenon when the sun remains visible at the local midnight, is something only experienced in the Northern (or Southern) most parts of the world. Sweden is certainly one such place where you can enjoy the Midnight Sun. While not quite North enough to experience the full effect of it, Stockholm is lucky enough to see the White Nights in summertime - midnight twilight that paints the skies with light even at midnight.Nomad Illuminated Highlighting Powder in Midnight Sun shade - from the NOMAD x Stockholm Makeup Palette

Inspired by these unique summertime experiences where the sky never goes dark, with Nomad we created a glowing champagne gold highlighter and a satin white eyeshadow in our Stockholm palette and named them, of course, Midnight Sun and White Nights.

The summer is the best time to visit the gorgeous Stockholm and soak up all that it has to offer. Recently the Wall Street Journal's Life section featured an article "A Long Summer Weekend in Stockholm" that gives a great itinerary to see the highlights of Stockholm.

Summer is the best time to visit the gorgeous Stockholm and soak up all that it has to offer

There are a lot of fantastic recommendations including our favorites of wandering through Djurgården enjoying the amazing scenery, and having a lunch at Sturehof and dinner amongst the beautiful people at Riche.

Berns StockholmBut of course we would be remiss to not add our own little touch to the article, especially as it was short on the summer night activities. For us, there is no better place to celebrate the White Nights than the magnificent Berns that has been dedicated to entertainment since 1863. The venue itself, an old baroque mansion, creates a feeling of fabulousness and between the restaurants, terrace, bars and club there’s something for everyone. Enter while there is the dusky glow of the sun in the evening - expect a spectacular night surrounded by the beautiful people of Stockholm - and leave after a night of fabulousness into the morning sunrise at 3am.

The long days Stockholm experiences during the summertime, and the glow of the sun at midnight as it hovers just on the horizon, is something can we can recommend all Beauty Nomads to experience for themselves at least once.