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Article: Our Top 5 Spots in NYC for Color Inspiration

Our Top 5 Spots in NYC for Color Inspiration

Our Top 5 Spots in NYC for Color Inspiration

New York City: one of the most exciting and inspiring places in the world! With hundreds of interesting things to see, do, taste and experience, the city that never sleeps is one place that shuns boredom and dullness like the plague.

Heading to the city soon? Don't leave without checking out the best spots for color inspiration. Here are our Top 5 picks for street art, museums and design in The Big Apple:

1. The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn

If you're in the market for color inspiration, you'll discover plenty along any given street. Street art is everywhere in NYC. One of our favorite spots is located at 19 St. Nicholas Avenue in Brooklyn. The Bushwick Collective started as the effort of one Bushwick resident, Joe Ficalora, to brighten the neighborhood he loved. Today, the collection of more than 50 street art murals stretches throughout numerous area streets and features famous artists like Buff Monster, Sticks, Prut and Blek Le Rat. Here, you'll get to feast your eyes on intricate designs, vibrant yellows, blues, and reds, as well as socially conscious artwork that reflects the current social and political climate of NYC.

2. The Graffiti Hall of Fame

If you're looking for artwork that represents what it's like to live and create in New York City, head over to the Graffiti Hall of Fame. Located at the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex, at East 106th Street and Park Avenue, the Graffiti Hall of Fame began 30 years ago as a safe space for graffiti artists to develop their skills.

Today, the wall stands out as one of the most famous graffiti exhibits, and it features work by many of the world's top graffiti artists. Stop by to admire the vibrant reds, blues, and greens favored by the artists, and to see occasional live displays.

3. The DVF Store

The Diane von Furstenberg store in the West Village (874 Washington St.) is one of the best retail establishments for eye-popping color and design in NYC. Known for her iconic wrap dresses, Diane von Furstenberg is a designer who's famous for her colorful patterns, fabrics, and designs.

Check out her iconic floral, chain link and lip prints, which begin as hand-drawn images by print designers. These prints are computer-scanned and digitized before being printed onto reams of paper. To create her vibrant colors, this designer custom-mixes every shade of ink and hand-pours initial designs with a textile specialist in China.

4. The MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art, or the MoMA, is a world-class establishment featuring sculpture and design works from around the world. Located on 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, the MoMA features artists such as Louise Lawler, Martine Syms, and Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as a huge selection of sculptures from the past 60 years. The museum's collection galleries also feature the work of Matisse, Monet and more. Spend a day wandering the halls of this iconic establishment, and leave with some artistic inspiration that will stick with you for years.

5. The Tenement Building on Avenue B & East 4th Street

While it's not a street art destination or a museum, this corner tenement building is a site worth seeing. Owned by a man named Antonio "Tony" Echeverri, this building features bold hand-mixed colors, sculpted angels on the upper windows and marble-molded doors. Step inside for even more color inspiration in the form of stamped fish on the staircase and bright blue and pink tile. Don't miss it!

NYC is a city that's ripe with color and texture, and the inspiration for our New York Palette, too. We hope you come to love them as much as we do. Visit these five must-see spots during your next trip to the city, and go home with all the inspiration you can handle!

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