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Article: Nomad in Marrakesh

Nomad in Marrakesh

Nomad in Marrakesh

What would be the one thing you would change in Marrakesh?

A question I asked our guide, Kamal, as we were waiting for our fresh squeezed orange juice from a vendor in the middle of Jemaa el-Fnaa.  We had only been together for a few hours but given his openness, the question didn't feel out of place.

After a pause for a moment, Kamal gave an answer that was surprising yet profound  - there are a lot of things but I would start with myself.

There are a lot of things I would change in Marrakesh but I would start with myself.

Marrakesh Window & WomanBeing a Nomad is about more than just being a traveler. It is about more than seeing the Times Square in New York or the Duomo in Florence. It is meeting the people, understanding the culture, and being a part of the fabric of that society - it is living and loving each destination no matter how short or long your stay.

We met with Kamal for a day to experience the world of Marrakesh - his world. To spend time seeing the beautiful Red City from his perspective. He gave us so many insights but this comment was his most powerful. Starting with ourselves to discover what can be both inside and out. Being a Nomad is looking in the mirror to see yourself in another place or time. Not changing that place, but letting it change you.   

We started the Nomad Cosmetics brand to bring a little bit of each of these beautiful destinations to life. Just like the Marrakesh palette with its colorful hues and Spice Market fragrance, we have to look inside to experience all a place has to offer.

We are all Nomads. We just need time and the will to explore ourselves.

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