Our Top 5 Spots in NYC for Color Inspiration

New York City: one of the most exciting and inspiring places in the world! With hundreds of interesting things to see, do, taste and experience, the city that never sleeps is one place that shuns boredom and dullness like the plague. Heading to the city soon? Don't leave without checking out the best spots for color inspiration.

Read on for our Top 5 picks for street art, museums and design in The Big Apple...


Wear What You Love

We recently received a question from one of our #BeautyNomads about what makeup looks best on “older” women right now. Our initial reaction was: Wear what you love! If you love the metallic eye look that is trending – go ahead and rock it. Or if you are feeling more of the bold lip, don’t be shy - just go ahead and wear it. VIEW POST

Nomads Everywhere

The name of our brand came to us one evening while out to dinner in what is currently our home city - New York. We wanted a name that captured our love for beauty, exploration and cultural experiences. It was then that Antti, the husband of this husband-and-wife team, came up with NOMAD. And as soon as he said it, we knew it was the perfect name.


Love is love is love is love…

While wandering around the Lower East Side in New York on a magnificent sunny Saturday, we came across the “Love Wall” as it is titled. It is hidden a bit, not on a major street but in a dark little dead end alleyway with only a quaint little restaurant at the end of it. We were looking for some other place, but were lucky enough to take a wrong turn and stumble upon this beautiful graffiti art. We didn’t notice it at first, but when we stopped for a moment,... VIEW POST

Summer Nights in Stockholm

Midnight Sun and White Nights in Stockholm Almost an oxymoron, Midnight Sun, phenomenon when the sun remains visible at the local midnight, is something only experienced in the Northern (or Southern) most parts of the world. Sweden is certainly one such place where you can enjoy the Midnight Sun. While not quite North enough to experience the full effect of it, Stockholm is lucky enough to see the White Nights in summertime - midnight twilight that paints the skies with light even at midnight. Inspired by these unique summertime experiences where the sky... VIEW POST