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The Makeup Trends To Try This Fall

The Makeup Trends To Try This Fall

Fall is here and the leaves are turning yellow, so it's time to welcome the changing season with some new makeup looks. The fall brings new trends with it so plan ahead to make sure to keep up with the new styles. Here are three makeup trends to try that you won't want to miss out on:

1. Warm Eyeshadow Colors

Who doesn't love warm and versatile eyeshadow tones that perfectly reflect the colors of fall? Colors such as browns and oranges are flattering for all and offer the perfect balance between smart and relaxed. Brush a warm golden shade on the center of your eyelid and blend a red or copper shade into your crease. For a more dramatic and striking look, place a deep plum shade along the bottom eyelashes to accentuate the shape of the eye.

2. Natural Highlight

Highlighting has been on-trend for some time now, but as the cooler months are, get your glow on with a cooler, more natural highlight. A more subtle shimmer can be perfect for an understated fall look. Give it a go with our natural and glowy Stockholm Palette!

Brush some natural highlight onto the high points of your face including the top of your cheekbones, your cupids bow, brow bone and down the center of your nose. The highlights bring out those parts of your face to give it more definition and a healthy glow. For extra pop, you can bring the look together by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. This addition works especially well for a night out or an evening date to draw attention to your warm autumnal eyes.

When using highlighter, remember that applying the product directly to the skin before foundation results in greater contrast - perfect if you are looking to emphasize your natural features.

3. Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner has transitioned from high fashion and the runway into a serious fall trend. Revamp a normal cat eye to produce an edgy new vibe - the options are endless:

For instance, the fashionable reverse cat eye deserves a special mention for how quickly it can transform a look. To achieve the reverse cat eye, use eyeliner to draw along the lash line on your lower eyelid (instead of the upper eyelid that you would line for a regular cat eye). For a more feline effect, extend the outer corners a little.

If that isn't your style, try the double-sided cat eye. Create your normal cat eye shape before bringing it in past your inner corner on the sides of your nose in a diagonal line. This creates a more original and eye catching version of a cat eye as well as accentuating the shape of your eyes.

Another easy one to try is a double winged liner. Line your eyes as usual before adding a second line slightly above, leaving a beautiful blank space in between, giving you the appearance of larger eyes. This graphic eyeliner look gives you the perfect opportunity to do the second line in a different color. Choose for example a warm tone to combine two of the fall trends and sport a must-have look!

Fall style doesn't mean just digging your jumpers out of the closet. Getting your makeup right for the changing season can have just as much impact. We hope these three make up trends give you a great starting point to look and feel great this fall!


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