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The Hottest Eyeshadow Colors This Summer

The Hottest Eyeshadow Colors This Summer

Watching makeup tutorials is one of the best ways to find out how to make your eyeshadow work for you. The biggest factor is knowing how to blend eye makeup. That's what gives the wow factor to any look and allows you to experiment with the more vibrant and bold colors, too!

To give you some inspiration of colors to try, this summer we are seeing a lot of oceanic color schemes, beach and resort styles, and tropical sunsets. Here then are some of the hottest eyeshadow colors of the summer:

Sea Blue

A popular base color to use for eye makeup is blue. We offer a beautiful sea blue shade inspired the color of the turquoise sea surrounding Cuba. This is ideal for use as a bottom layer -- it really helps when you want to go bolder on your upper eyelid. This style looks great on anybody. For those who are lucky enough to have really blue eyes, a more transparent water look such as icy blue would also be stunning.

Sandy Gold

You may not think you could pull off gold eye makeup, but you just haven't discovered the right shade yet! You definitely want to keep it subtle and stylish. A sandy gold color works great: It's soft and warm like the finest Caribbean beaches. The great thing about this color is that you really don't have to try hard at all. In fact, it can work as both primary and accent tone -- just blend it properly and you can look natural and still make your eyes pop.

Sun Yellow

When it comes to achieving the ultimate summer look, what better than matching the sun itself? Yellow is the most summery color of all, and it can brighten up any makeup look. An exotic color shows confidence and individuality. Tropical yellow eyeshadow is one of the major makeup trends of this summer, and one that will definitely be sticking around as long as the sun stays out, so you'll get plenty of use out of this shade.

Rich Copper

When it comes to choosing a darker colored eye makeup style, a rich copper with some reddish hues can really stand out. When using this shade your goal should be to lose all symmetry. Don't aim to throw off the balance between the lids, but rather, vary the shading level so the color is lighter or darker at different parts surrounding the eye.

These are some helpful tips for summer's hottest shadow shades for you to create breathtaking eye looks. Most importantly, the key is to find the right shade for your personal style!


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